Rede Vinti4

What is Vinti4 Network?

The Vinti4 Network is a communication and equipment infrastructure (Atms – ATM – and Automatic Payment Terminals – POS) created to interconnect the national bank and allow the citizen-bank customer and holder of a Vinti4 card or other brands accepted in the country, carry out banking operations at any time of the day.

Who can make payments through web service?

Anyone who has a card accepted by the service can make purchases/payments online. Currently, the Vinti4 and Visa card brands are accepted in this service.

Are payments made through this service secure?

Yes. The payment systems of the accepted card brands guarantee the security of payments made through this service.
The cardholder must make sure, before making an online purchase, that the virtual store that joins the web payment service makes available the images of the brands visa, verified by visa and Vinti4.

Does the merchant charge any fees for purchases made through the online payment service?

No. Merchants who adhere to the online payment service, in accordance with the terms of membership, are prohibited from charging their customers any additional fee or commission to the price of the product sold or service provided.

What guarantee does the cardholder have to recover the value of an online purchase for which he has not received the paid product/service?

The subscription contract to the online payment service safeguards the rights of the holders in situations of non-delivery of the product or service provision.

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