Informations about Covid-19


“The Odjo d’água Hotel before customers, employees and everyone who visits the building, is guided by a set of principles and values that, for a long time, are the basis of all management and strategy that guides all activity involved. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, by APCER, strongly based on the quality of the service provided, the safety of those who seek it, the promotion of health and safety of workers, the close relationship with the local community and environmental preservation. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to adapt the logistics of all services offered and restructure the segment to meet the new customers demand, with strict compliance to all imposed sanitary measures. In this sense, the hotel has been awarded the COVID-19 Certificate, issued by the competent health entities under the “SAFE TOURISM” program. In coherence with this commitment, the following Health and Safety at Work Policy is established, which is intrinsically related to continuous improvement, with the aim of achieving the best working conditions and establishing measures for the prevention of injuries, wounds, and damages to the health of our employees: respecting all their rights established in our Constitution, in the labor code, in their work contracts, and in the company’s internal regulations; ensuring that employees never work more than the hours established in the Labor Code, which respects the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO); paying them, punctually, a fair retribution, which is well above the national minimum wage; ensuring equality between women and men workers, namely for equal work, equal pay, equal rights and duties; creating the best conditions of comfort, hygiene and safety at work, and respecting the freedom of association of the workers. In the food area, the Hotel has strict procedures in terms of food safety control, being guaranteed the traceability of each meal as well as the results of the quality assessment of the meals prepared, through a plan of constant pre-defined laboratory analysis. Internal audits are carried out to verify the compliance of the day to day performance with the requirements specified by the customers, the applicable legislation, and the internal procedures. Any deviations lead to their registration, the establishment of action plans and evaluation of their effectiveness. The Hotel is aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, promoting and implementing management practices that minimize the less positive effects of the same, properly managing the consumption of natural resources and energy as well as the waste it produces”.