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History of Cape Verd

The islands of Cape Verde were deserted when the Genoese António Noli and the Portuguese Diogo Gomes, in the service of the Portuguese Crown, discovered the first five islands in 1460. In 1462, Diogo Afonso discovered the remaining islands.

The first island to be colonized was Santiago. With the expansion of the trade routes of the slave trade, the Cape Verde Islands have gained an important role as a commercial slave trade because of its privileged location.

Later in the nineteenth century, the exceptional conditions of the Bay of Mindelo, turned it into one of the busiest turntables in the world transatlantic trade, giving it the cosmopolitan stamp that still today has this city. In the second half of the century, XX, the high educational and cultural level of the Cape Verdean elites made them occupy prominent positions at the PAIGC (party that led the liberation struggle of Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau) until the independence of the territory, which was achieved on July 5, 1975. On January 13, 1991, the multiparty system was institutionalized in the country.

Cape Verde

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