About Us

About us

Classified as “Hotel de Charme”, the Odjo d’água, was inaugurated in March 1999. Built on a small promontory where the Vera Cruz Lighthouse is located, the hotel was partially built over the sea. From the hotel’s restaurant one can enjoy one of the best views of the Bay of Santa Maria, and make a wonderful meal to the sound of the ocean.

Under the direction of its administrator, a native of the island with a long journey in the hotel business, the Hotel Odjo d’água was growing, always seeking to show and transmit to clients the true Creole spirit and Cape Verdean culture, both mirrored in every corner of the hotel.

We provide our guests with a wide range of quality services and a quiet and intimate atmosphere with family atmosphere, allowing them to relax while enjoying the beauty that surrounds them.


Enjoy a Delicious Diving Trip


Enjoy a massage by the sea

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